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    John Rogers Physical Education 

    Welcome to John Rogers Physical Education!  My name is Melissa Blumhagen and this will be my 5th year teaching P.E. at J.R.E.  My main goal in P.E. is to keep everyone moving in a safe and fun way!  Every couple of weeks we change our unit of activity.  We cover activities and sports ranging from cooperative team play to individual, life-long activity play.  We are also lucky enough to be partnered with Cascade Bicycle Club and offer a 3 week bicycle & pedestrian safety unit for our 3-5th graders (more information to come in Kid Mail).  I will also need volunteers to help this unit go smoothly, so if you can help, look for a Sign Up genius in the coming months.

    In the winter months, I sponsor a Running Club for students to participate in after school!  This is a great way for our kids to stay active in those rainy and cold months.  I am also looking for volunteers, so look for more information in the months ahead.

    Things to Know About P.E.

    If your student is injured and cannot participate in P.E., please send a note either from you or a doctor or email me your concern.

    Please make sure your student is wearing appropriate footwear to participate in activities either in the gym or outside

    If you ever have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!  I am here to support your student in any way possible.

    Thank you!
    Mrs. Blumhagen

    phone: 206-252-4330

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
    8:30-9:10:  3rd grade
    9:15-9:55:  5th grade
    10:00-10:40: 2nd grade
    10:45-11:25: 4th grade
    12:05-12:45: Kindergarten
    12:50-1:30: Kindergarten/1st Grade
    1:35-2:20: 1st grade

    Wednesdays (Early release)
    8:00-8:30: 3rd grade
    8:35-9:05: 5th grade
    9:10-9:40: 2nd grade
    9:45-10:15: 4th grade
    10:20-10:50: Kindergarten
    11:35-12:05: Kindergarten/1st grade
    12:35-1:05: 1st grade

    *Answers to Trivia* 1. Femur 2. hamstrings 3. Fat, muscle, bone, organs 4. Left 5. Cardiorespiratory Endurance 6. Upper arm 7. Target heart rate 8. True 9. 60 minutes 10. 12 times