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    1. What is the biggest bone in the body?

    2. What major muscle group is being measured during the sit-and-reach flexibility test?

    3.What items make up body composition (there are 4)?

    4. If there are no sidewalks, which side of the street should you walk on?

    5. Which component of fitness improves by doing aerobic exercise?

    6. In what part of the body are the triceps located?

    7. To best improve your Cardiorespiratory endurance, which heart rate should you exercise?

    8. Pull-ups and push-ups help measure muscular strength-True or False?

    9. How many minutes should you exercise every day to maintain a healthy level of fitness?

    10.  How many times do you need to do a repetition of an exercise to build muscular endurance?

    Answers can be found on the Physical Education home page!  Try to answers all the questions without looking at the answers!