John Rogers Elementary

John Rogers

English Language Arts (ELA)

ELA at Rogers Elementary

Our ELA program at John Rogers is based on a comprehensive approach in which reading and writing are regarded as complementary processes that promote higher level thinking skills.  Teachers use ongoing formative and summative assessments to inform their instruction in relation to the Common Core Standards.  Resources that are used include Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop, Fountas and Pinnell (Leveled Literacy Intervention System), John Rogers Guided Reading Library, Café/Daily 5 and Words their Way/Word Study. Components of a comprehensive reading program include:


  • Interactive Read Aloud – Students hear fluent reading while teachers explicitly model skills and strategies through Read Aloud-Think Alouds.
  • Shared Reading – Encourages students to apply and strengthen skills and strategies they are learning while reading grade-level material.
  • Guided Reading – Supports each student’s development of effective reading skills and strategies and to promote thinking skills.  Guided Reading is done in small flexible groups of 3-8 students.
  • Literature Study – Supports students in reading, exploring and discussing culturally relevant books, characters, issues and ideas, while promoting critical literacy.
  • Independent Reading – Students practice skills and strategies through guided reading and shared reading, while reading in ‘just right’ books (97% or more accuracy).
  • Conferring – Teachers gain further insight into the student’s reading habits and strategies. Conferring provides formative assessment for placing students in appropriately leveled texts.
  • Working with Words – Engages students in meaningful, constructive activities that develop phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling and vocabulary.


  • Mini-Lesson – A short 10-15 minute mini-lesson for the whole class that provides an explicit skill or strategy by the teacher.
  • Shared Writing – The teacher and a small group of students work collaboratively to compose a common piece of writing.
  • Independent Writing – Students practice the craft of writing by applying skills and strategies learning during the mini-lesson.  Students work through the process or prewriting, drafting, revising, editing and publishing.
  • Conferring – The teacher confers with students to provide a focused conversation with students about the student as a writer.
  • Author’s Chair/Share – Students writing becomes public in order to celebrate and refine student writing.