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John Rogers ~ Attendance

~ Attendance, John Rogers

Ainsa, Veronica

Instructional Assistant

Alfonzo, Marques

Day Custodian
Andrea Bergan

Bergan, Andrea

Family Support Worker

Blocker, Jade

School Nurse
Melissa Blumhagen

Blumhagen, Melissa

Teacher-Elementary Specialist


Hi everyone! I have been at John Rogers since 2015 and been having a blast ever since! I try to keep my students active as many minutes in the gym as possible! We learn a variety of team sports and individual non-competitive games and activities. Cheers to healthy living and fun fitness!

,Personal Message


Keep it Healthy John Rogers!!!  You guys rock!!!

Bodwitch, Aron

Head Teacher

Bradburn, Glen

Certificated Substitute
Dominique Brooks

Brooks, Dominique

Special Education Instructional Assistant
Joy Burke

Burke, Joy

Michael Caoagdan

Caoagdan, Michael

Phoebe Cheng

Cheng, Phoebe

Occupational Therapist
Johnson Clark

Clark, Johnson

David Clement

Clement, David

Sarah Clemons

Clemons, Sarah


Personal Message

Years teaching (at Adams, and in total): This is my first year at Adams, but this will be my 15th year of teaching in Seattle.

Grade levels taught: Mostly 3rd, 4th, 5th grade.

Educational background: I graduated from San Francisco State in Liberal Studies. I earned my teaching credential with MA in Education from Antioch University. I received my National Board Certification in 2009.

Past careers/lives before teaching: Growing up I had lots of

babysitting gigs, but my first real job was at Godfather’s Pizza. I have taught pre-school, worked at a video store, and was an office assistant at Ellis Brooks Chevrolet Car Dealership.

Favorite artist/musician/performer: There are just too many different artists I love, but during my recent trip to France I became fascinated by French street art, the Italian sculptor Adolfo Wildt, and Leonardo da Vinci’s many inventions.

Favorite creative medium: Mixed Media Projects.

Book that influenced you most as a child: Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle (Maybe I related to the kids in the story because I had a few bad habits when I was younger?).

Special skills/talents: Making banana chocolate chip muffins.

Super power you wish you had: Flying, so I could travel around the world and visit new places.

Food you refuse to eat (even now as an adult!) and/or strangest food you've ever tried:

Fried or hard-boiled eggs, but I loved them scrambled with mushrooms.

Favorite morning beverage: Coffee (a must!) or a Soy Latte.

Oddball fact about yourself: My daughter and I found a banana spider while traveling in Korea.

Last updated: 9/24/2015

Cole, Devon


Corona, Karen

Sound Partners Tutor
Michelle Dougherty

Dougherty, Michelle

Office Assistant
Gloria Downie

Downie, Gloria

Bilingual Instructional Assistant
Kayla Drummond

Drummond, Kayla

Special Education Teacher